16th Circuit Solicitor's Office

16th Judicial Circuit's Traffic Education Program

What is TEP?

The Traffic Education Program (TEP) was established in South Carolina to educate the driver while giving him/her the oppurtunity to have eligible tickets dismissed and keep a clean driving record.


  • No prior significant driving record (In Any State)
  • Tickets carrying a (4) point or less violation (Combined)
  • Clients can only participate in TEP once
  • Prior PTI and AEP clients are eligible

Program Requirements:

  • Fill out application Click Here
  • Attend Orientation
    • Potential participants will meet for orientation and bring with them:
      • Two money orders, bank checks or cashiers checks for $140 ($280 Total)
        both made payable to the Traffic Education Program. (Solicitor & Court Fee)
      • Drivers License or Picture ID
      • Social Security Card or Official Document with Social Security Number
      • Original / Copy of Ticket
  • Complete Four (4) hours defensive driving education (Approved By Coordinator)
  • Complete Four (4) hours community service for a non-profit agency.
  • Pay Solicitor & Court Fine (Fine mentioned above within attend orientation)
  • Complete program within 120 days of application.